The idea for a remote release binding has been incubating for approximately 10 years. Our intention was to provide safety for skiers caught in tree wells when skiing in back country conditions.

When considering how to bring this idea to life, our initial thoughts centered on how to effect a release of the heal binding, for a skier, when caught in a situation where manual release of the binding was not possible. A breakthrough came when we realized that releasing the toe portion of the binding would clear the skier from his binding.


The development of the TR-1 brought us to the door of possibility. It was at this point we created a binding release that could be controlled by the skier, utilizing a blue tooth activation. The activation was a ski fob or by activation from a skier’s pole.

The team was assembled and we did our research checking out all patents for electronic ski bindings. We discovered that no entity to date has produced a digital ski binding. Our team built a simple design that provides a high degree of consistent reliability.


The decision to develop our product in Rossland, BC. was extremely fortunate. In this small ski resort community we found resources and people that are passionate about skiing. Unusual for a small community to have CNC machines and 3D printers, it was serendipitous.

The assimilation of regular materials and common parts makes this binding very easy to construct. The product has a US patent pending. It has a low cost of construction, which gives it a great price point.

Next Steps

To connect with a major manufacturer to produce a series of digital ski bindings.